Job Seekers

Please be aware that some fraudsters are using the company name “Linmark International (Bangladesh) Ltd” to solicit monetary benefits from job applicants by offering fake job offers.

Please note that:
There are currently no job openings at Linmark International (Bangladesh) Ltd. Our recruitment is highly transparent without involving any third party. All recruitment-related communication is done by Linmark official e-mail address with domain name of “”.

Linmark has no responsibility for fraudulent job offers. We advise job seekers to be alert about scam job post.

For any kind of query, please contact: Phone: +8802-2222-90942, +8802-2222-93891

Working at Linmark requires commitment, energy, flexibility and creativity. We offer a variety of career opportunities at all levels and in all areas from design to logistics, merchandising to quality control and IT to administration.

Linmark treats all employees equally in every aspect of compensation, working hours, career growth and development within the company, without regard to ethnicity, religion, gender, age and disability.